Welcome at DFC

From complete beginner to advanced level.

Tuesday   7-8pm 

 Thursday 7-9pm

we use all fencing kit, and British Fencing Membership  compulsory

Face Mask Always  !

British Fencing advice page HERE


The three types of blade are the Foil, the Epee and the Sabre.

The foil is the first weapon that most fencers learn as it is the lightest and most flexible. From there, you can carry on with the foil or move on to the epee, which is a heavier weapon than the foil but still designed for a similar thrusting motion. The Sabre is designed for slicing and thrusting motions. Fencing also requires you to wear protective gear, consisting of a metal mesh mask, a heavy jacket, a plastron, a glove with a gauntlet on the sword hand, and breeches.

Every day  20 minutes running, 20 minutes skipping rope jump,

30 minutes footwork follows YouTube videos !!

 Beginners              Advanced             Competitors

Beginner Courses


Safeguarding Policy

Club Welfare officer                               :            Sarah-Jane Marshall Farlam

East Regional Welfare Officers           :             Joyce Ryder mailto:joyceryder@talktalk

Welfare Zone    


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