The Coaches

Dacorum Fencing Club offers a team of coaches who between them coach all three weapons to both beginners and experienced members.
We run a warm up at the beginning of the evening followed by a group footwork session led by one of the coaches.
The warm up and footwork is followed by free fencing on the electric boxes as well as one to one coaching for those who wish to have a lesson. (This is not available to pay on the night fencers or visitors)

Chair Lady and coach : Pam Price

Pam started fencing in 1951, training for several years under Professor A.T. Simmonds at Latista Fencing Club in London. After her marriage in 1962 she moved to the west of England and joined Bristol Fencing Club. The next move in 1967 was to Somerset where she trained under Professor John Sanders at the Taunton and Bridgewater Clubs. Her coaching days began in Scotland in 1975 where she was asked to start a fencing class at Dunoon Grammar School. This continued until 1978 when the Price family returned south and settled in Hemel Hempstead. Membership of the Dacorum Sword Club followed until Pam decided to ‘retire’ in order to concentrate on other activities. Later she realized she missed wielding a sword, so when in 1987 the amateur fencing association (as it was then) promoted coaching courses, she enlisted and qualified as a County Coach in 1993

Coach : Florent Boyerflorent

Florent holds a Level 2 Foil coaching qualification from British Fencing.

He has fenced at regional level in France, Channel Islands and the United Kingdom and takes part in national competitions both in the UK and aboard. Although modern fencing is his main discipline, he has also been an Eishin-ryū student for several years.

Florent runs the weekly warm-up and footwork sessions within the club as well as conducting the beginner course examinations

Head Coach : Lajos Fazekas

Lajos holds a Epee Level 4 & Sabre Level 1 BFA Coaching certificate as well as a UIPM Senior Level 3  Modern Pentathlon coaching qualification. He  specializes in Epee but also coaches Foil and Sabre.

He is coaching 4 Clubs for 3 Weapon.

Athletes whom are working with him likes how he is improving they Skills. They collected lots of Medal from the different level competition.

International Level selected for Modern Pentathlon with high level fencing skill and qualified athletes to the Fencing GB National.

He is open to share his knowledge with everybody.

Coach : Denise Silkdenise

Denise hold a GO/FENCE instructor & Level 1Epee coach  certificate.

She is coaching with the beginners . and M. Pentathletes on Monday and  on Tuesday.

She is a

Masters Tetrathlon World  Champion (2012)

Silver medallist on the Masters Pentathlon European Championships (2013;15)

Masters Modern Pentathlon  World Champion(2014,2016, 2018)

Masters Modern Pentathlon European Champion (2017,2019),

qualified for the Veteran World Fencing Championships (2016.2017)

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