About the Fencing

Fencing is a gentleman’s combat sport with a rich and long history.

Opponents have a choice of three blades with which they aim to strike specific parts of the the body, depending on the weapon type they follow.

The three types of blade are the foil, the épée and the sabre.

The foil is the first that most fencers learn as it is the lightest and most flexible.

From there, you can carry on with the foil or move on to the épée, which is a heavier weapon than the foil but still designed for a similar thrusting motion. The Sabre is more designed for slicing and thrusting motions.

Fencing also requires you to wear protective gear, consisting of a metal mesh mask, a heavy jacket, a plastron, a glove with a gauntlet on the sword hand, and breeches.

We are a Hemel Hempstead based Fencing Club with Sabre, Epee, Foil Fencers and welcome all fencers from complete beginner to advanced level. Fencing , Fittness, Fun Time