Beginner Courses

featuredTo book a place on the first session please email  :

The first session is open to come and try fencing, if you would like to continue then you can continue on our eight week course.

There will be two payments of £50, one due on week two 50 again in the 5th week. 

If the fencer would like to continue after the beginner course,

they must join The British Fencing Association and become a member of the club.

After the Beginner course you can start your course to improve your Fencing Skills.
There is an opportunity to take a level  1 BFA qualification after the course, when the fencer has reached the required level.The assessment, badge and certificate costs £10 per weapon.

Equipment can be loaned free of charge for 1 year, with the exception of breeches and socks which must be purchased by the fencer and are compulsory.

Adult   Fencing  & Men Modern Pentathlon   Beginners      18+     :Thursday 8-9 pm      ;

Adult Modern Pentathlon  13+             : Monday  7-9 pm                ;   Hemel Hempstead

Adult   Epee                  : Tuesday  11-12 am                                          ;  Hemel Hempstead

Youth  Epee   10+         : Tuesday 7-8.30 pm                                       ; Hemel Hempstead

Youth Epee                    : Thursday 5-6 pm  ;6-7 pm                              ; Hemel Hempstead

Family Fencing            : Friday  6-7 pm                                                ; Hemel Hempstead

Lady Sabre Fencing   ; Friday   7-8 pm      all ability                         ; Hemel Hempstead

We are a Hemel Hempstead based club and welcome all fencers from complete beginner to advanced level. Fencing , Fittness, Fun Time