To be paid in advance of each term’s session by cheque, or on a monthly basis in advance by standing order. Fees and payment methods will be reviewed each year at the AGM. Non-payment of fees due will result in exclusion from the club.


All members are to abide by the BFA Fencers Code of Conduct (Download PDF) and observe all rules of safety.  All reasonable requests of club officials or coaches shall be complied with.

BFA Membership

The club is affiliated to the BFA and to conform to the requirements of the BFA insurance all members (full, guest or honorary) must have at least social membership of the BFA.

No fencer shall be permitted to fence unless they can prove BFA Membership.


All fencers must wear appropriate equipment for the weapon they are fencing. The coach’s decision is final in this matter. Minimum equipment is mask, glove, plastron, jacket, breeches, long socks and suitable shoes. No fencer shall be permitted to fence unless they meet the minimum standard. If necessary, clothing can be hired from the club.

Any club equipment lost or damaged through negligence shall be replaced by the member responsible for the loss / damage

Personal Details

All members shall complete a membership form each year in September (or when they join the club) and subsequently refresh it in the following September.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will be held three times per year. Any full member can formally raise an issue to the committee that will be discussed at the committee meeting. Minutes will be made available to all members who request them. Emergency Committee Meetings may be requested by at least three elected officials and require one week’s notice. Committee meeting (or ECM’s) are not quorate unless a minimum of three club officials is present.


Shall be held yearly and no later than 31st July


Can be called, if requested, by five full club members (including two officials), a minimum of one week’s notice is required


We are a Hemel Hempstead based club and welcome all fencers from complete beginner to advanced level. Fencing , Fittness, Fun Time