This is an example of the equipment that is essential for every fencer,

1. Jacket – Jackets cover the whole torso up to the blade catcher at the neck line
2. Glove – Only worn on the weapon hand, Foil and epee gloves are the same but sabre gloves have a cuff.
3. Body wire – Is what attached the fencer to measure hit and keep score in a match.
4. Épées – One of the three types of blade.
5. Breeches – The name of the 3/4 length protection worn on the legs.
6. Mask – The face protection, which can be specific to the type of weapon used.
7. Plastron – An under garment used as extra padding on the weapon arm.

Need some of the basics? Maybe just want a bit of new kit? Check out some of these links.

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