Tuesday Beginner 10+

Beginner  Course starts

jumpepee on Tuesday  27th February

older than 10 years

Venue : Hemel Hempstead  School New Gym

at  7-8.30 pm

more info and book your place : membersecretary@hotmail.co.uk

 The first session is open to come and try fencing, if you would like to continue then you can continue on our eight week course. There will be two payments of £50, one due on week two

 and £50 again in the 5th week.

 If the fencer would like to continue after the beginner course,

they must join The British Fencing Association and become a member of the club.

We are a Hemel Hempstead based club and welcome all fencers from complete beginner to advanced level. Fencing , Fittness, Fun Time