East Region Modern Pentathlon GB

The Dacorum Fencing Club is one of the Fencing Centre in the Eastern Region Modern Pentathlon GB,

where you can learn the Epee fencing technic of the Modern Pentathlon.

You are high experienced of the Epee fencing, why you have to learn any other for the Modern Pentathlon.




If you would like to improve your skills you can go, Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday, Friday

Drop an email with your questions !


 You are interesting about the Modern Pentathlon Welcome !

Beginner courses no ages !!!!!

Minipentathlon Work shop in the half term for under 14 !

1:1 lessons, coaching

Shooting practice; pellet, and laser gun.

Running training, LaserRun training,  swimming training.

The Coach:

Lajos Fazekas  Denise Silk

Registered  Modern Pentathlon Coaches

We are a Hemel Hempstead based club and welcome all fencers from complete beginner to advanced level. Fencing , Fittness, Fun Time